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Discover the virtual visit

Our ophthalmology practice located in the city-centre of Bordeaux treats medical and surgical pathologies of the vitreous, macula and retina. The ‘Rétine Gallien’ centre, with its 5 retina specialists, carries out the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cataract, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), retinal detachment, macular hole, epiretinal membrane, diabetic macular oedema, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, high myopia and eye tumours (choroidal melanoma). In the case of an emergency, an appointment can be made with one of our five ophthalmologists within 24 hours.

An ophthalmology practice reputed for more than 25 years

The Palais Gallien Ophthalmology centre was founded in 1989. This ophthalmology practice in Bordeaux is a multidisciplinary centre treating all ophthalmological pathologies: cataract, glaucoma, refractive surgery as well as eyelid and orbital surgery.

Within the ophthalmology centre, a Retina core branch was set up in 1991. It undertakes examination and treatment of retinal, macular and vitreous pathologies. The operating activity is carried out at the Nouvelle Clinique Bel-Air and the Clinique Ophtalmologique ORL Thiers. We have five ophthalmologist doctors specialising in posterior segment pathologies of the eye, ensuring continuous reception and care of our patients. Thanks to a highly qualified staff and an efficient technology platform, the Rétine Gallien Practice ensures the care of numerous patients coming from all corners of South-Western France and also consults in Langon, St André de Cubzac and the Thiers clinic.

Your appointment with ophthalmologists in our Bordeaux Practice

In our 600m2 offices, you will first be welcomed by eyesight professionals (orthoptists and optometrists), before examination by an ophthalmologist specialising in the retina. The doctor will take you through your examination results and will give you further explanations about your pathology and the proposed medical treatment.

The whole consultation process is entirely computerized with cutting-edge tools. Our vast and pleasant space ensures the respect of confidentiality throughout the stages of your visit.

The Rétine Gallien Practice has got the ISO 9001 certification. It is equipped with a sophisticated technology platform.
- For retina examinations: Fundus cameras, fluorescein and ICG angiography, Spectral-domain OCT, Standard ocular echography and UBM, macular pigment analyser MPS2.
- For treating retinal pathologies: Argon and YAG laser, PDT laser, multispot micropulse laser and two dedicated rooms for intravitreal injections.