The team: Reception desk

Rétine Gallien-Bordeaux and Thiers reception staff :

Our administrative and reception staff is composed of qualified medical secretaries, ensuring a personalized follow-up care. They are here to answer your queries and will accompany you throughout the stages of your visit.

From left to right: Aurélie, Alizée, Catherine, Marie-Anne, Pauline, Carole, Nathalie

Reception Desk : Langon


The team: Team manager

Emilie Delage
Emilie Delage
The Rétine Gallien Manager supervises and controls the quality of the reception and care of our patients, and manages the care pathway in order to reach the most efficient care possible.

The team: Clinical research associate (CRA)

Clinical research associate
The job of the clinical research associate (CRA) is to set up and to carry out clinical case studies at the Rétine Gallien centre, making sure that the data we collect are reliable, that the regulation is respected and that the well-being of patients is protected throughout the course of the study.