The Center Rétine Gallien offers access to innovative treatments as part of its Clinical Research activity.

Research conducted on humans is legally regulated.

In any case, confidentiality and data security are guaranteed.

Thus, during your care, you may be offered to participate in a clinical research protocol.

This participation is voluntary and informed.

The doctor will present to you the benefits, the risks, the alternative treatments and will give you an information note, allowing you to have in writing everything that has been said to you orally. After receiving all this information, you can decide whether or not to participate in the proposed clinical research protocol.

If you agree to participate, you will need to sign a consent form. Signing it does not affect your legal rights. You have the right to discontinue your participation in clinical research at any time, without this affecting the quality of care provided to you.

As part of clinical research, you will have personalized follow-up with our Clinical Research Associate whom you will meet each time you come.

The Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is responsible for setting up and monitoring clinical research protocols within the Center Rétine Gallien by guaranteeing the quality of the data collected, compliance with regulations and the protection of people participating in the research.

The organization of care in the context of clinical research is subject to a protocol established by the Sponsor (sponsor), which may be industrial or institutional. Regular visits will be organized to meet the requirements of this protocol.

In addition, some research focuses on the analysis of clinical data collected as part of care (usual follow-up). They are called retrospective. The confidentiality of data without the possibility of direct identification is respected. Retrospective searches for which we were unable to come back to you individually are listed in a regularly updated table. You can object at any time to the reuse of your data for research by contacting the data protection officer within the Center at the following address: